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Welcome to Essex and Thames Primary SCITT

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Who are we?

We are one of the oldest teacher training SCITTs in the country and with our school-centred initial teacher training programmes, have been training the very best primary school teachers for Essex primary schools for almost 20 years. Not only will you gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) by training with us, but during the year you will also receive professional training in educational theory leading to a PGCE award with masters level credits. Opting for the PGCE route, means that your PGCE will be awarded by Canterbury Christ Church University which is recognised by headteachers as synonymous with training of the highest quality when you apply for jobs. In fact, it’s no surprise that this partnership means all our graduates get jobs upon completion of the course every year – the majority of whom are snapped up by our schools long before they even start the summer term!

Why apply to our Essex teacher training course?

Whatever the route you choose, we offer you a thorough, professional training and ensure that you leave us able to start your teaching career as a highly confident and competent Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT). At every stage, all of our training, lectures and courses are fine-tuned to meet your individual needs and we encourage you to explore your interests along the way. Experienced teachers and Personal Tutors will mentor you, offering bespoke support and guidance during the training year.

Our support doesn’t stop there either, as we are also on hand for you throughout the first year of your teaching too. Training with the largest school-based primary teacher training provider in our region, makes you part of our ‘SCITT family’ along with hundreds of others who have gone before you! With our bespoke, NQT training programmes, we pride ourselves that we go above and beyond to give you that extra support which will help you help become the best teacher you can possibly be.

We have a variety of Essex teacher training courses (full time and part time) that you can apply for according to your interests, so have a look through the information on our site about PGCE and Assessment Only routes into teaching or get in touch if you’d prefer to have a chat. You’ll find that our team are always happy to help. Most of our trainees choose a PGCE pathway, but we’re just as happy to consider you if you know that studying for a PGCE whilst teacher training is too much for you, and we offer a QTS only training route too.

Whatever your questions, please don’t hesitate to call our admissions team on 01268 570215 or email Emma on

Why not come and meet us?

We open our doors regularly for you to be able to pop in and meet us informally. Informal is great and you get the chance to ask us about any aspect of teacher training that you wish to, what is involved, how to finance it etc. You can find a list of the next events on this Train to Teach events page.

We also attend many regional Train to Teach events along with other providers so do come along to those if we have listed we are there on our events page. If you cannot make an event or there isn’t one near you, please do call us and we’ll be delighted to see you virtually any time. Call 01268 570215 or email Emma Nunn on and she will find a suitable time for you to come.

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Why choose our School Direct Primary PGCE?

Our School Direct PGCEs are school centred initial teacher training courses on which the majority of your time is spent in Essex or London primary schools giving you the opportunity to learn alongside experienced teachers from day 1. With placements in two or more schools and a range of additional specialisms to choose from plus a qualification in sports coaching, you get a wealth of opportunities that make you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs.

This practical Essex teacher training is combined with the taught theory of education in formal lectures, so that you understand WHY you are doing certain things, HOW the children make progress and WHEN to use your reflective skills to look deeper into educational queries.

It is the assimilation of theory and extensive school practice that makes our graduates highly confident, competent and successful and it is why our PGCE trained NQTs are snapped up with early job offers.

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Where are our Essex teacher training bases for PGCE lectures?

The taught part of the PGCE requires you to attend lectures in one of two centres – Runwell Community Primary School in Wickford (which is our main SCITT base) or at Edwards Hall Primary School in the outskirts of Southend. At both venues the PGCE course is taught in large, sunlit classrooms offering the latest technology. Your base will be chosen based on where you live so that students attend their nearest centre. Lectures start at 9.30am and although they can go on until 4pm, most finish earlier. 

PGCE Essex teacher training

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Why not come to our base in Wickford and meet us armed with all your questions about teacher training? We’ll pop the kettle on and be more than pleased to sit down and take you through our training year. Do ring first to let us know you are coming!

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Essex and Thames Primary SCITT PGCE

 Do get in touch by email or phone. We are a friendly bunch and have always got time to take a call and answer your questions.

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If you are hoping to become a primary school teacher in Essex  and want to gain the maximum qualifications for your hard work and investment then this is definitely the teacher training programme for you.

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