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Assessment Only QTS Route into Teaching

Are you are an experienced teacher with a degree?  If so, you can get Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in as little as six to twelve weeks without having to do any further training.

Assessment Only QTS route into teaching

If you are currently working as an unqualified but graduate teacher in a primary school, you may be able to gain Qualified Teacher Status via the Assessment Only route into teaching. Becoming a qualified teacher holds many benefits, including the certainty of moving up the pay scale and greater, more flexible opportunities over where you can work.

Do you qualify for the Assessment Only QTS Route?

The Assessment Only route to QTS has been designed specifically for those graduates who can demonstrate that they already meet all the standards required for Qualified Teacher Status and thus would not need to spend a year training to be a teacher on a conventional teacher training course.

Assessment Only QTS with Essex and Thames Primary SCITT

Entry Requirements for Assessment Only QTS in Primary Education

  • You must have an honours degree from a UK institution (or equivalent)

  • You must have passed the professional skills tests in English and Maths prior to beginning the assessment

  • You must have taught in at least two schools or Early Years settings and in at least two Key Stages

  • You must have a Grade 4 or above in English, Maths  and Science GCSE (or equivalent).

Please Note: It is unlikely that you will have gained sufficient experience if you have not taught for two years as an unqualified teacher, but teaching in schools outside the UK is acceptable.

What is the Assessment Only QTS process?

Achieving QTS through this route can take as little as 6 weeks or as much as 12 weeks, but no longer. You are required to present a portfolio of evidence which is assessed and must show competency in all QTS standards. Your teaching in the classroom will be observed by a member of the SCITT team and will involve feedback, with at least half of the observations being joint observations involving a school-based professional.  Two observations, including the final observation, will be externally moderated by another provider and during the process, you should expect to hold professional discussions with our tutors.

The benefit of this route into teaching is that you can be assessed during your regular working day.

Apply for Assessment Only QTS

Assessment Only QTS facts

What is the cost of Assessment Only QTS?

The cost of qualifying as a teacher through the Assessment only route to QTS is £2540. 

Additional costs may apply if you are a teacher working abroad who requires an assessment team to travel to carry out an assessment in your home setting, and travel costs might apply if you work in a school a long distance away from the SCITT. We will, of course, try our best to minimise any such costs.

When could you start the Assessment Period?

At any time during the year! We are happy to discuss to possibility of any start date with you when you apply.

What will happen once you have gained QTS?

You will enter the first year Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) Induction period. You can find out more about the NQT year by visiting the Department for Education guidance page for Newly Qualified Teachers.

NQT Guidance

How do I apply for the Assessment Only Route into Teaching?

If you would like to apply for the Assessment Only QTS route, you can apply directly to us by downloading the application form below. 

Assessment Only Route to QTS – Apply Now

Assessment Only QTS