School Direct primary courses in EssexEssex and Thames Primary Scitt

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School Direct teacher training course in EssexEssex and Thames Primary Scitt

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Our current PGCE Courses

We are currently running the following PGCE courses across our partnership:

Full-time, Salaried School Direct PGCE – Primary, middle or SEND

Full-time, Training route (unsalaried) PGCE – Primary, middle or SEND

Part-time, Training route (unsalaried) PGCE – Primary PE Specialist

AND… a non PGCE option for experienced but unqualified graduate teachers, the Assessment Only (QTS only) route into teaching

PGCE Courses use teaching schools throughout Essex, including Southend and Thurrock and East London

What qualifications do you get?

For all our PGCE Courses you will qualify with QTS and up to 60 masters level credits

We provide a comprehensive primary teacher training. Our PGCE School Direct training programme is delivered by experienced trainers and practitioners from our partnership schools.  Skilled teaching staff also act as mentors to trainees in school.   Our training programme is thoughtfully designed to enable us to respond to the rapidly changing landscape in education, ensuring that our NQTs are able to work with immediate professional competency on graduation.  Our trainees spend time in a range of carefully selected school settings and have the opportunity to observe high-quality teaching in all subject areas.

PGCE Courses

Salaried and Training Routes

We run two PGCE routes through School Direct, across a number of age ranges and specialisms.  You can apply for School Direct salaried or School Direct training routes:

PGCE Courses with Essex and Thames Primary SCITT

School Direct Salaried Route

The School Direct Salaried Training Programme is an employment-based route for high-quality experienced graduates with at least three years’ work experience. You will earn a salary while you train. Numbers are more limited on this programme.

School Direct Tuition Fee Training Route

The School Direct Tuition Fee Training Programme is for high-quality graduates who want to feel part of a school team whilst training. You’ll pay fees but may be eligible for a bursary to support you. Some schools offer additional bursaries for outstanding trainees of up to £6000

Assessment Only Route Into Teaching

In as little as six weeks and no more than twelve weeks you can be qualified. 

The AO route allows you to demonstrate that you already meet all of the standards for QTS, without the need for any further training. You will need to present detailed evidence and your teaching will be assessed by us in a school setting. You must also take the professional skills tests in literacy and numeracy before you can be accepted onto the route.

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