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Primary PGCE PE Specialism

Would you like to be a specialist PE teacher in a primary school?

Part time primary PGCE – PE Specialist route

If you have a passion for teaching PE to primary school children, then our PE specialist training route course might be of interest. Lasting for two years, with trainees attending training for 2-3 days per week on average, it is broken down into half and full days. We work in partnership with Prosport Solutions to offer this course.

How is the course designed?

The course is structured so that PE coaches can continue working in schools throughout their training. The course will give trainees a PGCE in Primary Education after 2 years, enabling them to teach across the whole primary phase. In addition to the general primary training, trainees will attend specialist PE training focussing on cross curricular links, wellbeing and inclusion, and four full days of mainstream PE training.

The course starts at the end of August and continues until mid-July. Early in the term you will make contact with your main placement school, meet your mentors and familiarise yourself with the school ready for your first practice which will commence during September. You may apply for student loans and related grants on this route.

Where is this based?

On this training course you will typically be placed in schools in the Southend and Thurrock area. Your centre-based training will take place in Leigh-on-Sea or Wickford. There is outstanding teaching at centre-based training and excellent support in school-based training. Ofsted

Our commitment to you

We are committed to providing a comprehensive and thorough teacher training programme. Validated by Kingston University, our Primary PGCE PE Specialist course is delivered by highly experienced lecturers and teachers from schools and the university. It has been specifically designed to ensure that it responds promptly to an ever-changing education landscape, enabling trainees and graduate apprentices to work with immediate, professional competency on graduation. You will spend time in a range of placements designed to provide a variety of experiences in different school settings, and you will also be given the opportunity to observe high quality teaching in all subject areas.


At the start of the course, all trainees and graduate apprentices are allocated a personal tutor who visits them several times each term to provide professional and pastoral support and guidance, and liaises with schools about their progress.

When does the course start?

The course opens with a short summer school at the end of August and an opportunity to meet your personal tutor and peers in August. Our induction period is an invaluable opportunity to understand the course fully, build relationships with personal tutors and peers, and gain additional sports coaching qualifications prior to the first day in school.

Structure of the course

Over two years you will spend 120 days in school-based training and around 80 in centre-based training. The school-based placements are in at least 2 different schools and are in alternate key stages, so that all our trainees and graduate apprentices have thorough, practical experience in two Key Stages. Centre-based training includes sessions in all national curriculum subjects and associated areas, as well as dedicated sessions for professional studies, SEND and inclusion, behaviour and voice (see below for our unique voice training). In addition, for those who already know that they want to specialise in Special Educational Needs and Disability or in Early Years Foundation Stage, we offer placements in both areas enabling those trainees and graduate apprentices to gain invaluable experience during their training year. 
 As a PE Specialist, you will additionally receive extra PE training, and of course you will be employed as a coach for two years during the course.

Qualifications gained

On completion of the course you will receive either a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) or a Professional Certificate in Education (PGCE) with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Trainees and graduate apprentices are able to gain 60 M level credits towards a Masters qualification.

Be a specialist

This is the only course to offer you the combination of employment as a PE coach whilst you train to become a primary school teacher.

Apply via UCAS now

Make your PGCE application stand out

Applying for the Primary PGCE PE Specialist course

You can apply by making a formal UCAS application. Once you are ready to make an application to Essex and Thames Primary SCITT to become a teacher, you’ll need the following:

  • A ‘Personal Statement’ to support your application. See our guide to writing an effective personal statement
  • Two references – one of whom could be from a school
  • A portfolio of all your examinations certificates to date
  • Skills Tests in English and Maths – Practise them online and take them if you feel confident in passing. They will need to be passed before you start your training course but we can offer support if we’ve offered you a place and you have failed them twice. UPDATE: As of  14th February 2018, you now have unlimited attempts to pass these Skills Tests, and your first 3 attempts in both subjects will be free. 

  Please note: you have to have made a UCAS application for teacher training in order to take your skills tests. 

Apply via UCAS now

Making your application stand out

You should make sure that your application grabs our attention in a positive way as we receive hundreds of applications. Demand for our places is high and the calibre of applicants is also high so you must ensure that your application doesn’t end up in the automatic ‘No’ pile because of poor presentation. Your application form presents the first opportunity you have to prove to us that you are ideal teacher material. Tell us about the experiences in school that you have and show us what you have learned about being a teacher and what characteristics you possess that make you think you’d be a good one. What skills do teachers need? Do you think you have them? What would you need to learn?

What we’ll be looking for:

  • Some personal rationale for why you want to become a teacher
  • Clear enthusiasm and passion for why you have chosen a Primary PGCE PE course
  • Some experience of and commitment to working with young people
  • Professional attributes or leadership roles or positions of responsibility that would help you become a teacher
  • Good standard of written English – check and double check your application as typing mistakes and errors in grammar will not get you an interview. After all, if you can’t get this right in your application, chances are, you won’t get it right in front of  class. 

Invitation to interview

Once we have received your application, we will shortlist candidates for interview. Competition is high so it is very important that you apply as early as possible and attend interviews promptly. In the last three years, demand for places has significantly outstripped supply. If you are successful at our interview, you will then need to be interviewed by Prosport Solutions.

Structure of the interview:

  • A general introduction to the course
  • Scrutiny of your relevant documentation
  • An analysis of a teaching session and group discussion
  • Observations in the classroom, including a whole class teaching session
  • A formal interview with a member of the SCITT management team and a headteacher
  • A written assessment

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If you have any further questions about our course and application process, please do not hesitate to contact us. Although we always try to answer your phone calls, our office is a busy place, so do consider emailing and we can get back to you when we have more time to talk.

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