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The Learning in Harmony Trust schools direct opportunities

Who are we?

The Learning in Harmony Trust was formed in September 2014 by Sheringham Primary School and JFK Special School. In 2015, we were joined by two other Newham schools direct, Upton Cross Primary School and Hartley Primary School, and three further schools joined us in the first term of the 2016-17 school year – Blenheim Primary School and the Federation of Thorpe Greenways Junior and Infant Schools, all of which are located in Southend. In January 2017, Drew Primary School, also in Newham, joined us. We are bound together by our belief that by working in partnership as one organisation we can make a significant difference to the children and young people in our schools. We are proud to have both similarities and differences as schools, and see this diversity as a strength.

We all believe that empowering everyone within and around our organisation, through rigorous support and challenge, will help us to maximise the life chances of the pupils in our care.

The partnership understands that continuing professional development and teacher welfare lie at the heart of school improvement and these principles underpin our training programme. We aim to recruit and retain high quality trainees in order to maintain our success. If you are passionate about education, here are some reasons to join us:


  • We believe that all staff have the potential to make an outstanding impact upon the learning of the pupils and all staff are entitled to a level of support and challenge that will empower them as educators, wherever they are in their career development. We are big on CPD and we have recently partnered with Edison Learning and the Aspire Programme for school improvement and staff development.
  • Our schools are very different from each other, but all have extensive track record of successful training and development – and are great and dynamic places to be! Pop in for a visit and ask our staff about the mentoring and coaching available, and the socials!
  • We seek opportunities to explore alternative approaches to support recruitment, aid retention, and reward further staff that demonstrate high levels of impact on learning. A dedicated working party gets together regularly to think outside of the box and develop strategies to recruit and retain for all our schools direct.
  • We also have a dedicated working group that looks at staff welfare. All staff on payroll have access to a variety of free wellbeing and medical support provided by Schools Advisory Services, as well as to a comprehensive and exciting Employees Benefits Scheme through Perkbox.


“The Trust has amazing facilities and is a fantastic place to learn and work

Learning in Harmony Trust Teacher, 2016

We have six schools in the trust and more than 100 schools in Essex and London working with us, and we are growing all the time. You can find more information about the Trust here: Learning in Harmony Trust

Learning in Harmony Trust

We offer a range of PGCE routes into teaching.  

In 2017-18 we are offering three full time, year-long courses:

  • One is salaried in our mainstream settings
  • One is a training route course (where you will pay fees) in our mainstream settings
  • One is a middle school qualification set in a combination of our mainstream and special school settings.

All our courses start at the end of August and continue until the beginning of July.  All are schools direct routes which offer you the chance to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and a PGCE award with Masters level credits, providing you with the maximum possible qualification for your investment in your training. 

Although we ask you to apply through two of our schools (Sheringham and Greenways) we would be happy to place you in any of the schools across our Trust.  Please let us know at interview if you have an interest in a particular school or locality.

Our UCAS Course codes for 2017-18 are:

Sheringham Primary School

2XCX (full-time unsalaried)

2XCZ SEND (full-time middle school, unsalaried)

2XCY (full-time salaried)

Federation of Greenways Primary Schools

2YLW (full-time unsalaried)

2YLT (full-time salaried)

Apply via UCAS here>>

Schools direct applications are welcome now via UCAS

About our training

Our excellent teacher training is supported by all the schools in our trust and those in the wider partnership associated with Essex and Thames Primary SCITT.  All partners share our deep commitment to the provision of high quality training.  Experienced teachers mentor our trainees, offering them support and guidance throughout the year.  The majority of trainees leave with an ‘outstanding’ grade, ready to tackle their chosen career with confidence. They speak highly of the excellent training received both in lectures and during their placements.  

“Training is carefully tailored to meet the needs of all trainees.”

Ofsted 2016

Our training is designed by a highly qualified team of senior teachers and leading academics and is primarily based in school.  Evidence shows that the best learning comes from training in schools direct alongside the highest quality teachers and with us you benefit from a significant amount of real school experience as you work alongside the best teachers in our trust. For lecture days we offer two training centres (to make travelling easier) and have access to all the facilities associated with being affiliated to Kingston University.  We pride ourselves on the excellent support we offer trainees, such as providing you with a personal tutor and experienced school mentor during your training year, which continues into your first year of teaching with our NQT support team.

We are proud that our trainees begin their teaching careers with great confidence in their practical teaching skills in the classroom and with an excellent understanding of the underpinning educational theory. This enables them to work effectively across the whole of the primary phase of education.

“There is outstanding teaching at centre-based training and excellent support in school-based training.”  


The Trust ensures that trainees have a well-supported, planned progression throughout their early careers and provided excellent NQT support.  A recent Ofsted report praised the focus on “the wellbeing of staff” and commented on the “friendly and supportive senior leadership team”.

“The culture of performance management through coaching and support enables rapid development of newly qualified teachers and continuing improvement of those more established.”

Schools direct with Essex and Thames Primary SCITT