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Teacher Training Bursary and Finance

Non-Salaried Training Route

The School Direct training programme is funded by tuition fees and can be paid for by the trainee either privately, or by borrowing the money by applying for student support.

Find out more about tuition fees.

Teacher training Bursary 2018-19

Primary education teacher trainees are not eligible for government bursaries for 2018 entry. However, for those applying to join our Primary Maths Specialist courses, a bursary of £6000 is available for anyone with at least grade B in maths A Level or equivalent. You can still apply for the Primary Maths Specialist courses without a Maths A Level, but to be eligible for the bursary, you would need to satisfy the  ‘B’ or above grade (or equivalent). 

For the latest information on scholarships and bursaries, visit the gov.uk funding guidance page 2018-19.

Essex and Primary Thames SCITT will apply for the teacher training bursary for eligible students automatically.


**School Bursaries**

Some of our schools are keen to attract the best candidates by offering up to a £6000 bursary for outstanding candidates. This will be for trainees on the training route into teaching (not the salaried route).

We currently have a variety of schools in the Clacton and Colchester areas who are offering additional bursaries for the right candidates. 

Additional support

Students with Children

If you have children and plan to train to be a teacher full time then you could get help with learning costs. Parents’ Learning Allowance of just over £1600 per year was available for students in the 2017-18 intake. Find out more about Parents’ Learning Allowance

It may also be possible for you to apply for a Childcare Grant to help cover up to 85% of the costs of your childcare whilst you are studying. The current weekly maximum for 2017-18 trainees is £159.59 each week for 1 child or £273.60 if you have two or more children.

Students with a Dependent Adult

If you live with someone who is dependent upon you financially and you re in full time higher education, you are eligible to apply for an Adult Dependants’ Grant. This might pay you up to £2,834 for the year.

Students with a Specific Learning Disability

If you have a disability or a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia you can apply for a Disabled Students’ Allowance. This might pay you up to £1,790 per year.

Teacher training bursary with Essex and Thames Primary SCITT