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School Direct teacher training course in EssexEssex and Thames Primary Scitt

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UCAS Teacher Training Course Codes

Course Codes to enter on  UCAS Teacher Training

If you train to teach in Essex or London with Essex and Thames Primary SCITT, you will be doing a PGCE Primary which is a school based initial teacher training (ITT) programme. You will spend a considerable amount of time in primary school classrooms during the course, equipping you with all the necessary skills and experience to become an effective and confident classroom practitioner, qualified to teach across the full primary age range (5-11years). The course runs from the very end of August to the start of July. Part time course options are available.

Working in partnership with over 130 primary schools in Essex, we have the knowledge and the expertise to ensure a very high quality training is provided. By the end of your teacher training, you will be eligible for both Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and have also had the opportunity to gain academic credits at Master’s Level.

Our PGCE places are listed under providers when you visit UCAS Teacher Training

This will enable you to view our available places.

UCAS teacher training providers

The PGCE teacher training places we have in Essex and East London are listed on UCAS under our six lead schools and Essex and Thames Primary SCITT itself.

Salaried Places – 2018/19 FULL

Training Places – 2018/19 RECRUITING

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Edwards Hall Primary School (Southend)

Provider – 1YU

UCAS Teacher Training Course Codes:

2WTZ – Primary (5-11) F/T training
38B7 – Primary (5-11) P/T training

2KMY – Primary (5-11) F/T salaried
358D – Middle (7-14) F/T training
358C – Middle (7-14) SEND F/T training
2X8P – Primary (5-11) SEND F/T training
358F – Primary Maths Specialist (5-11) F/T training
358G – Primary (3-7) Early Years F/T training
389V – Primary (5-11) F/T salaried Apprenticeship
389W – Primary (5-11) SEND F/T salaried Apprenticeship
389X – Primary (3-7) Early Years F/T salaried Apprenticeship

Runwell Community Primary

Provider 1B7

UCAS Teacher Training Course Codes:

2WV3 – Primary (5-11) F/T training
38B8 – Primary(5-11) P/T training
2X8K –  Primary (5-11) F/T salaried
2X8X – SEND Primary (5-11) F/T training
3592 – Primary PE Specialist(5-11) P/T training
3593 – Primary Early Years (3-7) F/T training
389P – Primary (5-11) F/T salaried Apprenticeship
389R – Primary SEND (5-11) F/T salaried Apprenticeship
389S – Primary Early Years (3-7) F/T salaried Apprenticeship

Powers Hall Academy

Provider – 1RC

UCAS Teacher Training Course Codes:

2WTX – Primary (5-11) F/T training
38B5 – Primary(5-11) P/T training
2X8J – Primary (5-11) F/T salaried
3589 – Primary SEND(5-11) F/T training
358B – Primary Maths Specialist (5-11) F/T training
389Z – Primary(5-11) full time salaried Apprenticeship
38B2 – Primary(5-11) SEND full time salaried Apprenticeship

Powers Hall Academy is part of the
Connected Learning Multi Academy Trust

Federation of Greenways Schools (Southend)

Provider – 2BQ

UCAS Teacher Training Course Codes:

2YLW – Primary (5-11) F/T training
2YLT – Primary (5-11) F/T salaried
389J – Primary (5-11) F/T graduate apprenticeship

Federation of Greenways Schools is part of the
Learning in Harmony Trust

Sheringham Primary School (Manor Park, London E12)

Provider – 29Z

UCAS Teacher Training Course Codes:

2XCX – Primary (5-11) F/T training
2XCY – Primary(5-11) F/T salaried
2XCZ – SEND Primary (5-11) F/T training
3595 – Primary Maths Specialist (5-11) F/T training
389K – Primary (5-11) F/T salaried Apprenticeship
389M – Primary SEND (5-11) F/T salaried Apprenticeship
389N – Primary (3-7) Early Years F/T salaried Apprenticeship

Sheringham Primary School is part of the
Learning in Harmony Trust

Essex and Thames Primary SCITT Core Places

Provider – T25

UCAS Teacher Training Course Codes:

2D2F – Primary (5-11) F/T training
3584 – Primary (5-11) P/T training
3585 – Primary SEND F/T training
34M4 – Primary PE Specialist P/T training
3586 – Primary Maths Specialist F/T training
358H – Primary (3-7)  Early Years F/T training

392M -Primary (5-11) F/T training QTS only

John F Kennedy School

Provider – 36DM

UCAS Teacher Training Course Codes:

36DN – Primary SEND F/T training
36DM – Middle (7-14) SEND F/T training

Wickford Teaching School Alliance

Provider – 13O

UCAS Teacher Training Course Codes:

227RQ – Primary (5-11) F/T training
2V5H – Primary (5-11) F/T Salaried training
359V – Primary (3-7)  Early Years F/T training
389B – Primary (5-11) F/T Salaried Graduate Apprenticeship

South Essex Teaching Institute

Provider – 1K9

UCAS Teacher Training Course Codes:

38ZJ – Primary (5-11) F/T training

Please do get in touch if you need more information about applying for any of our courses through UCAS teacher training.

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