Mental Health in Primary Schools

We support the campaign to change the law to protect mental health in primary schools

A massive 56% of people say they have has issues with their mental health.  The vast majority of people would agree that the whole subject is far too taboo.  As educators we have the next generation’s mental health in our hands. We often reference the moral imperative to educate, protect and develop the whole child so what could be more important than knowing how to respond to their mental health?

Essex and Thames Primary SCITT is proud to support Where’s Your Head At?  The six week campaign, launching on 14th May 2018 is calling for all the statutory regulations to include mental health as well as physical.   One of the main aims of the campaign is to require every school to provide Mental Health First Aid in the same way as we do for physical first aid.

As teacher trainers this is a significant shift in emphasis – not that we should be waiting for legislation to tell us how important it is to train our new teachers in mental health first aid!  Given the raft of research suggesting the need for good mental health in order to learn effectively surely this should be part of the core content of ITT? Whilst the government lags behind many providers of ITT in recognising and addressing the desperate need for this training as educators we need to put the full force of our voice behind this campaign.

We are endorsing the call to everyone to sign the petition so that we can bring equality to mental and physical health in all schools.

“We all have mental health, so let’s change the law to reflect this.”

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