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Essex PGCE teacher training with Essex and Thames Primary SCITT

Why train with us?

We don’t wish to blow our own trumpet, but we know that if you train to be a teacher with Essex and Thames Primary SCITT, you’ll get superb PGCE teacher training and get a job afterwards.

All our graduates do…every year.

Essex PGCE teacher training

Make the most of your training…

Gain a PGCE with masters credits alongside your QTS

Be part of the largest group of new primary trainees in Essex and enjoy the support and camaraderie it brings

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Schools Direct Essex PGCE Teacher Training

Schools Direct Primary PGCE teacher training in Essex

Our Essex PGCE teacher training is excellent. Year after year, headteachers feedback and tell us that they actively seek teachers who have been trained at Essex and Thames Primary SCITT. Our training is up to date, adaptable and of the very highest quality to ensure that you have all the skills and knowledge needed to become a confident and successful classroom teacher. The PGCE qualification from our teacher training courses allows you to teach at any age across the primary phase, and we offer a number of additional specialisms during your year with us. The Primary PGCE School Direct programme opens in August with an Induction and a PE course and finishes in July.   

The ever changing programme is designed and delivered by schools, expert teachers and academics to ensure that our trainees spend the majority of their time in schools.  The School Direct initial teacher training programme is led by more than 100 primary schools in Essex and by the end of your training year you will be awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and will be eligible for a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education with academic credits at Master’s Level. 

Essex PGCE teacher training centred in schools

During your training year you will undertake placements in at least two different schools and we do our best to accommodate all age phase requests so if you haven’t decided which age range you wish to work in, don’t worry.  We will ensure that your teaching practices enable you to apply for any primary school teaching job upon graduation.

Although the majority of your training takes place within the schools direct, in the classroom, you will also attend a wide range of lectures to ensure that you are able to draw on a sound theoretical understanding of teaching and learning and are familiar with up to date educational theory, current trends in education and relevant and useful teaching skills.

Additionally, you will be given the chance to enhance your skill and knowledge base in specialist areas including: Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, Maths Leadership, Leadership, PE and EYFS.  All our trainees gain additional sports coaching qualifications.

Our Essex PGCE teacher training courses help to meet the needs of schools in our area

We are committed to offering high quality School Direct primary PGCE teacher training in Essex

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We offer the following Essex PGCE teacher training options

PGCE Route

Full time PGCEs in Primary and Middle Education with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) award

Assessment Only Route

The ‘Assessment Only Route’ is for those currently employed as unqualified teachers. It leads to a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) award.

What Else?  Outstanding support!

The school direct courses at Essex & Thames Primary SCITT are made up of lectures covering the most current thinking and best practice in the field, where we aim to ensure trainees have a wide range of practical experience and ideas to take into their first classrooms.  The majority of time is spent in classrooms, where students are encouraged to build their teaching skills and practise what they’ve learned. Our Essex PGCE teacher training opportunities now extend to schools across the county, and we also offer training in schools in Southend, Thurrock and East London.

Our school direct students benefit from the link with Kingston University and are able to access the valuable resources to help them with their studies and can gain up to 60 Masters level credits during their training year.  At the end of your training you will be recommended for two awards, Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), awarded by the SCITT and the Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) awarded by the University.

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What Ofsted said about our Essex PGCE teacher training

“Trainees speak very positively about the nurturing personal and professional support they receive from the partnership.”    


“Tutors carefully tailor the course and their input to meet the needs of individuals”

(Ofsted 2016)

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PGCE teacher training in Essex