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School Direct teacher training course in EssexEssex and Thames Primary Scitt

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School Direct Routes into Teaching

We are currently running the following School Direct PGCE Routes into Teaching

Full-time, Training route (unsalaried) School Direct PGCE – Primary, Middle School, Primary Maths Specialist, EYFS or SEND

Full-time, Salaried route, School Direct PGCE – Primary, Middle School, EYFS or SEND

Part-time, Training route (unsalaried) School Direct PGCE – Primary

For all our PGCE Courses you will qualify with QTS and up to 60 masters level credits

We provide a comprehensive primary teacher training. Our PGCE School Direct training programme is delivered by experienced trainers and practitioners from our partnership schools.  Skilled teaching staff also act as mentors to trainees in school.   Our training programme is thoughtfully designed to enable us to respond to the rapidly changing landscape in education, ensuring that our NQTs are able to work with immediate professional competency on graduation.  Our trainees spend time in a range of carefully selected school settings and have the opportunity to observe high-quality teaching in all subject areas.

If you are already teaching as an unqualified teacher you may like to know that we also run the Assessment Only Route into Teaching

The Assessment Only QTS route is for experienced but unqualified graduate teachers

School Direct Primary Courses

Essex and Thames Primary SCITT

Essex and Thames Primary SCITT is a large dynamic partnership of more than 130 primary schools in Essex and London looking to train and employ our own teachers. Although our schools are set in a wide variety of contexts, we all have the shared aim of recruiting and training high quality graduates who share our passion for teaching and learning.

There are a number of ways you can train with us so take a look below and select the route that suits you best.

School Direct Primary
Training Route

Our most popular route into teacher training, this is a ‘hands on’ training route supported by excellent theoretical training.  You will need a 2.2 honours degree, at least a Level 4 at GCSE in English, Maths and Science and have passed your skills tests in English and Maths. We ask that you have at least two weeks experience in a primary school before you start the course but this can be done after a place has been offered. See Course Entry Requirements.

If you are accepted into this route, we will place you in two partnership schools during the year in different key stages.  Find out more about our School Direct route below.

The fees for this route are £9250, but this includes your university fee and you can apply for a Student Loan.  There are other sources of funding available in terms of maintenance loans and childcare allowances if you have children, parental or low income loans. Many of these sources of income are means tested, but should afford you with sufficient income to complete the course. Take a look at the Student Loans Calculator. 

For starters, we have a small number of partnership schools wishing to attract outstanding trainees by offering additional bursaries of between £1,000 and £9,000.

School Direct Primary
Salaried Route

During your training you will be employed by one of our schools and will receive a salary based on the unqualified teachers pay scale.  The school will also pay your tuition fees. Anyone can apply for the school direct salaried route (the three year’s work experience has been removed as a requirement) but you should be aware that competition is fierce due to a smaller number of schools offering salaried places.  Several of our schools do, however, offer salaried places each year. All are keen to find high quality trainees and invest in your school direct training with the promise of a job in the school at the end of the training if an appropriate position becomes available.  If you apply to this route and do not then secure a school to offer you a school direct salaried position, we always offer the training route place as an alternative.

On this route you may also apply for maintenance grants. Remember, however, that all these loans are means tested so your school income would be taken into account when calculating the loan amount. Use the Student Loans Calculator to get an idea of what you might be entitled to.

The SCITT has schools each year who ask for a salaried trainee, but if you approach the SCITT with a school willing to offer you a salary, we will do our best to make this work for you. Find out more about our School Direct route below.

Please note

If you want a place on a salaried route you will need to undertake interviews with both the SCITT and an employing school (unless you already have a school that wants to employ you).  Don’t worry though, if you are not able to secure an offer from a school we will convert your salaried place offer into a training place offer.

More School Direct Courses

Middle School and Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) School Direct Routes into Teaching

School Direct
Middle School Training Route

Provided in collaboration with Southend Secondary SCITT, this route is ideal for those who have a passion for a particular subject, wish to teach across phases or are currently undecided about whether primary or secondary teaching is for them.  If you train on this route you will do a term in primary and one in secondary and will then have the option to select where to complete your training. Your centre-based training will cover the entire primary phase and secondary to 16.

School Direct Primary or Middle School

This route is ideal for those who either want to work in special schools or have aspirations to become SENCOs in mainstream schools.  You will have the chance to do at least a full term in a special school and attend additional in-school and centre-based training. Find out more about working as a SENCO here.

Already teaching as an unqualified teacher and want to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)?

Assessment Only Routes into Teaching

If you are already teaching, or have a teaching qualification from abroad, have an honours degree, have passed the skills tests in English and Maths and have taught in at least two schools or Early Years settings then you may apply for this assessment only route. You are assessed in your normal working day in your normal environment, and can achieve QTS in as little as six weeks. See Assessment Only Route.

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