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Strategic partners in teacher training

As a very successful and long established teacher training provider, Essex and Thames Primary SCITT has forged links and strategic partnerships with an impressive variety of local and national organisations. We place great value on the input from all our school partners, and are proud of the links we have developed and are still developing with organisations and initiatives nationally, all of which help us to continually improve and reshape our provision to take into account changes as they occur within education.

Why is having a large number of strategic partners in teacher training good for our trainees?

Strategic partners in teacher training are good news for everyone who trains with our SCITT. Firstly, it means we have one of the largest group of schools working within in single SCITT in the country – which means there are more heads actively using our graduates to staff their schools. Not surprisingly this translates into 100% employment rates every year. It also means that we have a greater variety of organisations with their ‘finger on the pulse’ in education, so we keep ourselves and therefore our trainees, far more up to date than if we had fewer partners. We don’t just accept any strategic partners either. Our partners are all actively involved in education, focused on never ending self reflection, improvement in education and wellbeing for children, teachers, managers and school communities. It is this that binds us all together and is why those who have trained within our SCITT, so often refer to their experiences with us as being part of the Essex and Thames ‘family’.

Our current strategic partners:

South Essex Teaching School Alliance
Wickford Teaching School Alliance
New Essex Teaching School
Learning in Harmony Trust
South Essex Teaching Institute
Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education
South Essex Teaching Institute
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Would you like to become a strategic partner?

Everything we do at Essex and Thames is focussed on providing the best training for new teachers and by putting children at the heart of what we do. If you think that your organisation can bring something special to this vision, then we are always interested in having those conversations. In the first instance, please email Emma Nunn our senior administrator, making clear what your aim is, and that you would like your email to be forwarded to our Executive Director Jo Palmer-Tweed.

Emma Nunn:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Teaching schools partnered with Essex and Thames Primary SCITT